Rob is not only a passionate keynote speaker, but he is also able to simultaneously apply his unique specialisation to increase the active engagement of the participants at any conference or seminar. . In this way, Rob can provide an active element in which he lets participants reflect on the most interesting insights and unexpected moments.

The speeches can also be presented as a masterclass or workshop. During a masterclass there is more space for interaction. During a workshop you actually set to work under Rob’s guidance (hands-on approach).

Community meetings can be a lot of fun!

“It’s so great to be able, without any reluctance, to meet with residents.”

Dealing with ethical issues in public administration: how groupthink can lead to disaster (and how to avoid it)

“Incredibly useful for breaking out of our groupthink.”

Online meetings: a whole different ballgame

“Lots of practical tips to improve our online meetings!”

Welcome back: reconnect and thrive in the post-COVID-19 era

“Extremely useful talk that helped us to decide, collectively, which meetings we will do online, hybrid or live.”